Lost Soles (With Riff Raff Theatre)  September 2013

In September we were fortunate to work with Riff Raff Theatre to create Lost Soles.  A week long event of art and performance inspired by shoes, housed in an abandoned shoe shop in the West End.  The 10-33 Project performed three pieces during the week.


Leanna Wiggington plays Lory in ‘The Other Foot’.

The Other Foot.  Written by: Georgia Keighery

Found.  Written by:  John Richards

Neat.  Written by: Miranda Roszkowski

Performed and directed by the company:  Aimee Gray, Theo Lamb, Amie Taylor, Leanna Wiggington and Ruth Williams.

ruth and aimee

Ruth Williams and Aimee Gray in ‘Neat’.


Where does the Moon Go?  Playbox Theatre Sept 2013 

One day, something is amiss in Wicked Fen, and as Isolde, Ellydan and Jack go down to the lake to collect the water they discover something very concerning indeed.  Over night the evil boggarts have visited the town and trapped the moon in the lake.  Will they ever be able to free her?

Our first interactive children’s show traveled to Playbox Theatre, Warwickshire, following it’s pilot performance at Big Garden Festival in August 2013.



Workshop facilitators Emilie Harris and David Brooks explain orbiting, with the help of 6 year old Ben.

Children participated in a day of puppetry, instrument making, set making and acting workshops prior to the show, in which they also learnt about the moon.  They also learnt all of our songs.  When it was time for the grown ups to return and watch the show with their children, the children were ready and waiting to not only sit back and watch, but to lead sections of the show with their puppets, music and other interactions.



photo 5 (3)

Boggart meets boggart at Big Garden Festival


The Den:  4th May 2013

Following two weeks of exploration and rehearsal, the secret location of The Den was finally announced:  an abandoned pub in Cremer St, Hoxton.  10-33 Project performers took to the space as colourful characters from the Victorian era.  Roxy Bourdillon took on the role of Emma Hamilton: actress and performer of ‘attitudes’.  Leanna Wiggington took on the role of Cora L.W Scott:  Medium, Clairvoyant  Seer.  And Yann Allsopp took on the role of fictional character Henry James, offering ghost stories with a difference from a tiny upstairs room.  All in all a fantastic event; more development on this soon!

 Cora Scott holds a seance for DEN audiences

Breaking News: The Den, 4th May 2013

We are delighted to announce that The 10-33 Project will be creating new work to tour to THE DEN, hosted by Farm Festival on May 4th 2013.  This exciting Victorian pop-up event is a one- night extravaganza, hosted in a private location in the east; relive the days of the opium den, the seance and spine chilling ghost stories at THE DEN.


10-33, 20th-22nd Nov 2012

Following almost 8 months of exploration, devising and rehearsal, 10-33 opened to audiences in Peckham, and performed to over 180 people in just 3 days (wonderful, considering the performance holds 24 people at an absolute maximum!)

Below is a link to footage from performances, with music written by 10-33 musician Richard Norris.

Below are a few images from performances (t-b, The 10-33 Campsite, Actress Leanna Wiggington performs the 10-33 speech, Dancer Habib Biva-Ouro performes The Dance of Time, Musician Richard Norris and Actress Amy Gough perform The Travellers’ Song.)

10-33 Rehearsals Autumn 2012

19th November 2012:

The Dress Rehearsal:  After two days of intensive work, the 10-33 campsite is now complete and today we ran our dress rehearsal in the space.  Now just super excited to invite audiences in over the next few days.

Picture:  ‘These moments are all around us, only that sometimes, we’re just not looking for them…’


Actress Leanna Wiggington delivers the 10-33 monologue.

Dancer Habib Biva Ouro:  The Dance of 10-33


“Steve was a pretty ordinary man. I mean his name’s Steve, kind of explains everything you need to know really. Not Skye or Horatio or anything fancy like that. Just Steve, My Steve.
When I was 17, this crazy thing happened. He got down on one knee. Mum and Dad were going to kill me. But he’d bought me an 18ct gold ring with a 3 mm diamond. I’m going to have to bloody marry him now, aren’t I?” 

-Roxy Bourdillon performs Hayley Cusick’s monologue based on the story ‘Diamonds are Forever’,

10-33, 4th November 2012:

We finally have begun to work within tents, (it turns out we may need a little more practise at erecting our tents as performances draw ever closer.)  After a good hours wrestle, they’re up and ready for action.  Today singer / songwriter Jaspreet Kaur has rejoined the collective, bringing new work and taking on musical direction for the show.

We also have writer / Director Hayley Cusick back in the team, who will be directing Benjamin Craib’s script:  A Moment of Complete Despair, (although at this precise moment she’s dived in on percussion with Roxy and Leanna!)

10-33, 14th Oct 2012:


Finally back in to rehearsals, after what feels like a long summer out.  Artists Dan Farrell and Roxy Bourdillon have begun work on the shadow show (so far, it’s looking pretty exciting.)

Musician and songwriter Richard Norris and Singer Amy Gough begin reworking the Traveller’s Song, ready for performances in Novemeber.



Pot Luck #5, Faversham, Kent

On the 26th May, we received Arts Council Funding, via The Accidental Collective to travel to Kent, in order to share some of the 10-33 Project in progress with audiences in Faversham. This was a fantastic opportunity for the collective to revisit the work a month on from the R and D, and begin to relook at the existing work in order to shape it further.


This event also gave us the chance to meet and speak with other artists creating work similar to ourselves.  Pot Luck Performance Nights have since won the Cultural Pioneer award 2012 at the Canterbury Culture Awards.

Testimonials from Pot Luck #5 and R and D:

  • “Most striking” – Audience Member, (Pot Luck #5)
  • “Most innovative” – Audience Member, (Pot Luck #5)
  • “Performed to a very high quality” – Audience Member, (Pot Luck #5)
  •  “Beautiful songs” - Audience Member, (Pot Luck #5)
  •  “Engaging, it was the first time I haven’t clockwatched at the theatre in a long time!” K.M, Ealing
  • “Vibrant.” G.Casterton, West Mids
  • “Exciting, enjoyed hearing stories.  Inventive storytelling. R.R, East Dulwich


 Research and Development:

From 13th-16th April 2012, 33 artists gathered at The Last Refuge, London, to begin four days researching and developing stories, characters and material for the 10-33 project.

10-33 R and D Footage : Here you can watch a video of the R and D weekend.

Story “A Free Ride…”

Over the course of the four days choreographers, writers, musicians, singers, actors, film makers, directors, designers and visual artists came together to collaborate on new work.  The four days ended in a sharing with an invited audience to test run ideas and material on an audience to receive audience feedback.

‘A Moment of Complete Despair’, in response to ‘Helen on a Bench’

Now taking the material developed in the research and development, we move in to Phase 3 of the project.  Phase 3 is to be a far more immersive version of the project.  Taking characters and material and staging an entire take over on a venue, including bar areas and backstage.

“Have you ever had one of those moments?” Performers and Dancers devise the ‘prologue’ for the R and D sharing.

The final performance will be far more immersive, and audiences will explore the space solo or in pairs, and can engage with as much or as little of the work as they choose.  The more they put in, the more they will get out of the experience.

Psychotherapist Mash-Up: Songwriters Ash Jones, Briony Price and Simon Pollard write a song based on the story ‘The Lucky Scratch Card’.

 We now seek corporate and arts funding, as well as 13 matching tents to host the project in Winter 2012. The 33° Collective strongly supports the careers of all the artists in the collective and acknowledges the importance of paying artists for their work.


Ruth Williams performs as ‘Angel’ in Abie Rahman’s ‘When the Clock Strikes’. Inspired by the 10-33 Story.

Caroline Forrest and Jasha Smith devise a choreography in response to the story: ‘The Fruit Man’.

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