“They happen to all of us. Moments of clarity.

And as we retrace our steps, we see those moments, clearly reflected back at us.” – 10-33, 2012

The 10-33 Project

The 10-33 Project is a collective of artists working collaboratively, with a focus on immersive (but not necessarily interactive) performance.   We are writers, designers, directors, dancers, song writers, musicians, puppeteers, singers, mime artists and actors.

Upcoming Performances:

Our new show:  The Boat Wives is now currently in creation and will premiere at Wilderness Farm Festival, Mold on the 29th and 30th August 2014.

Two wives in small small boat.  One sets afloat whilst one’s in the city.  Which is a pity, as they eventually both miss one another greatly.  A story told in shadows.

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The collective believes that the quality of the work benefits from multiple voices, so we always work collaboratively and openly.  We also work cross discipline, so musicians team up with dancers, writers work with directors etc. This way of co-creating our work enables artists to learn new skills and opens up cross discipline discussions, hence a more rigorous and thorough, creation process.

We are dedicated to the professional development of all our artists, as well as creating opportunities for skills sharing; supporting emerging artists through the early stages of their career, as well as artists at a later stage, acknowledging the reciprocal learning process that occurs through collaboration.